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What is Proactive Maintenance?

Proactive Maintenance can be considered as a new approach to maintenance strategy. Unlike Preventive Maintenance, which is based on time intervals or Predictive Maintenance, which is based on condition monitoring, Proactive Maintenance concentrates on the monitoring and correction of root causes to equipment failures. The Proactive Maintenance strategy is also designed to extend the useful age of the equipment to reach the wear-out stage.

The four different strategy of maintenance which are commonly practiced.

Maintenance Strategy Maintenance Approach Signification
Breakdown Maintenance Fix-it when broken Large maintenance budget
Preventive Maintenance Scheduled Maintenance Periodic component replacement
Predictive Maintenance Condition-based Monitoring Maintenance decision based on equipment condition
Proactive Maintenance Detection of Sources of Failures Monitoring and correcting failing root causes

Whenever possible we will always use a Proactive Maintenance strategy, therefore we can offer contracts that are free of labour charges for equipment breakdown and failures. This can have a huge impact on minimising your costs and saving you money.
It is not always possible or feasible to completely maintain your building with a proactive strategy. Therefore we incorporate Predictive and Planned Maintenance using a high tech approach to maintaining your building and all of your equipment. We have sophisticated logging systems that can compare data and flag an impending failure.






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